Behind The Mic

Christopher Rudder

Show Host

Christopher Rudder is no stranger to being on a microphones. As a former hip hop artist he spent several hours in recording booths and on stage performing. After travel became the new epicentre of his life he lent his calming, deep  and distinctive radio voice to the narration of his travel videos as well as co-hosting other non-related travel podcasts.

Chris can but funny, witty and quick with his tongue but equally charming, compassionate and sensitive depending on the direction of the story.

When he is not hosting this show you can find him creating content over on his blogs Rudderless Travel & Road Trip Ontario, filming & editing travel videos for his YouTube channel or interacting with the members of a popular Facebook Group called Toronto Bloggers Collective as one of the admins or discussing travel in the Travel Horror Stories Facebook Group.

About The Show

The Travel Horror Stories podcast is a humorous show that brings together travel bloggers, travel vloggers, travel writers and travel influencers as well as professionals in the travel and tourism space and everyday travellers. 

With vivid and gripping storytelling guests recount their, scary, tense, weird, silly sometimes funny and sometimes unsettling stories from their travels.

Then we unpack the story to discover what they did right, what they did wrong and what they could have done differently. So you can avoid the same mistakes and travel safely and confidently

We always say hindsight is 20/20, right?

The goal is to turn travel nightmares into dreams of beaches sunshine and margaritas.