locked out of your car

023: Surviving Getting Locked Out Of Your Car In The Desert

What would you do if…

What would you do if while on route to meet a friend at a national park in the evening you take a break and wind getting locked out of your car

About the guest

Hilary is the owner of Green Van Go and pursuer of van life dreams since November 2019. She shares budget-friendly ways to start a van life without feeling like you’ve completely spent all of your savings and pigeon-holed yourself into the lifestyle. As someone who still wears the same volleyball club sweatshirts from her middle school days, she’s a master at combining comfort and budgeting.

Green Van Go

Resources. Tips & Tricks:

  • Not panicking and keeping calm will help you think straight
  • Look at what in front of you. Be present. The whole isn’t out to hurt you for the most part they’re there to help you  
  • Changing you mindset from prey to predator can be pretty powerful