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019: Surviving Trying To Travel The World With Kids Amidst Airline Mishaps & Bad Weather

What would you do if…

While trying to travel the world with kids, your typical flight from Toronto to Jordan suddenly turned into a three-day marathon of stress and fatigue due to the airline’s mismanaged flights and bad weather.

About The Guest(s)

Christina and Kevin Wagar are travel-loving parents who live just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada with their two boys. They began their family travel blog back in 2015. They were out of the country on so many adventures with their young children and their family and friends were always wondering where they were and what they were up to. They began Wandering Wagars as a way to share their stories and photos with friends from around the world and their own backyard.


Resources. Tips & Tricks:

  • When travelling with kids make sure to give yourself some extra time (kids aren’t always experienced with going through security etc)
  • Flying with a lap child (child under 2 years old) you don’t have to pay the full ticket price. At times you may pay nothing or maybe you just pay the taxes because the child will sit in your lap
  • Ensure that when flying with a lap child you are not seated in the emergency exit rows
  • Pack lots of snacks when travelling with kids (granola bars, crackers
  • Pack lots of extra diapers
  • Every c is different when travelling but bring iPads, headphones, chargers, portable battery chargers etc
  • Ensure that you have clear rules and expectations prior, during the flight and at the destination
  • Make the kids part of the trip planning

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