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022: Surviving A 20 Hour Bus Ride After The Icelandic Volcano Ash Grounded Flights

What would you do if…

While studying in Oslo, you decide to fly out to Croatia for the weekend and back in class by Monday for an exam. The only thing is an Icelandic volcano ash cloud grounded all flights resulting in a 20-hour bus and boat ride in order to get back to Oslo.

About The Guest(s)

Christopher  Mitchell is a Canadian travel writer and content creator based in Toronto but he’s laid roots in Oslo, Seoul, Istanbul and a few other spots. He’s been writing about and documenting his travels for about ten years. He’s visited 80 countries along the way and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. 

Traveling Mitch

Resources. Tips & Tricks:

  • Pay attention to travel advisories 
  • The difference between a good story and a bad story is pretty slim
  • Things don’t always go right went travelling. Stay open-minded
  • When on a tropical island try the mango 😉

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