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008: Anxious About Traveling Amidst COVID-19

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 8) with Christopher James Mitchell & Allison Green

Christopher speaks with Christopher Mitchell & Allison Green from the podcast I’m Anxious About to discuss being anxious about traveling + COVID-19. On I’m Anxious About Christopher and Allison have candid and funny discussions about things they are anxious about. Although airlines preparing to fly again most people are not ready. Anxiety when travelling already leaves most people on the Tarmac – on a good day. What happens when we throw COVID-19 into the mix.

About The Guest(s)

Christopher James Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell is from Toronto but has lived in Oslo, Seoul, Istanbul. He’s been documenting his travels for about ten years and has visited over 80 countries. along the way, and helping others with their travel itineraries.

Traveling Mitch

I’m Anxious About

Allison Green
Allison is a California native who went rogue, travel full time. On her blog, she shares stories about quirky cities and outdoor adventures all while living a travel-centred life.

Eternal Arrival

I’m Anxious About

Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • Slow travel VS Fast Travel – Figure out what type of traveller you are.
  • Figure out what you like and don’t like based on your interests.
  • Try and avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Accept that you may not be able to see everything and may need to return. This can lead to burnout.
  • Plan as much as you can but be prepared for things to not go as planned
  • Re: COVID-19. Consider the destinations data (Confirmed Cases). Also, consider the destinations’ ability to handle an increased number of confirmed COVID numbers. You don’t want to be a burden on the destination’s health care system.
  • Re: COVID-19. Now is a good time to explore your own backyard
  • Arrive at the airport early to unnecessary stress (long lines at check-ins, at security, getting to your gate etc)
  • Before booking your flight research the Airline COVID-19 policies and procedures. Also, inquire about the Airline’s return policy and/or book with a credit card or credit card with specific flight insurance.
  • Deep Breathing & Self Talk can be helpful during turbulence – more of this in the next episode with Dr. Stacie Appel Boyar, Counselor, MSEd, LMHC as well as meditation.
  • Embrace the destination. Don’t compare it to where you came from.

    “When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable” – Clifton Fadiman

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