018: Surviving Assault In Morocco & Why Adjusting Your Travel Expectations Is Good

What would you do if…

while exploring Marrakech Morocco you dip down an alleyway on your way back to your accommodation where you suddenly find yourself fending off a male attacker. Also, why adjusting your travel expectations makes for a better trip.

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Erin Hynes aka Pina is a Canadian blogger, writer, and digital marketing specialist. She was 19 years old when she moved on a whim to Venice, Italy, where she spent many months working in a hostel. It was there that she earned the nickname Pina …because “Erin” is hard to pronounce if you speak Italian. She believes that travel is an incredible way to learn not only about the world but about yourself. But, travel is not accessible to all – those of us who can travel have privilege, and therefore, responsibility. Her blog will not only inspire you to travel but do it responsibly.

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  • As a traveller, it is important to consider how different cultures can be when it comes to certain issues like gender parody. You can not hold people accountable (in their country) to the same standards that you may have in yours.
  • Unfortunately, travelling as a male is still different than travelling as a female in terms of safety, rights and treatment (some places more than others). While I’m not saying don’t travel – until this gets better, I do feel it’s something that you should consider. 
  • You need to travel for what a country has as opposed to what a country doesn’t have

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