breaking up while abroad

020: Surviving Breaking Up While Abroad

What would you do if…

While travelling abroad with your partner for about three years your relationship starts to break down, resulting in breaking up while abroad

About The Guest(s)

Nora has travelled full-time for 12 years and continues to travel half the year. She’s lived in and travelled through 60+ countries and counting. She is an expert on travel, personal finance (as a former CFP), and lifestyle design and has coined the term financially sustainable travel. It’s not about budget travel (though she’s done a bunch of that), nor is it about being environmentally sustainable (though she’s a big advocate of that too). It’s about making money successfully, spending money smartly, and managing it wisely – all in the arena of lifestyle travel. These three pillars form the foundation of her website.

The Professional Hobo

Resources. Tips & Tricks:

  • Travel accelerates the natural progression of a relationship
  • Through travel, you will learn a lot about yourself.
    You’ll also learn a lot about the person you’re travelling with
  • Travel inherently put you in stressful situations (out of your comfort zone, no familiarity, no stability – stuff will always go wrong)
  • Not being on the same page with regards to the trip can lead to problems
  • Not being on the same page with regards to finances can lead to problems
  • When travelling long term you are going to spend 24 hours with each other.
  • A lot of the listed issue can occur when travelling with friends as well
  • The easiest way to avoid problems is by having good communication

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