005: Getting Home During COVID-19 (Round Table)

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 5) with Kasia Writes, Lora Pope, Kimberly Erin Davis & Andy Vanr

In this special round table episode, Christopher Rudder brings together four previous guests to further discuss the trials and tribulations of trying to get home during a pandemic.
Kimberly Erin Davies ( Episode 001), Andy Vanr (Episode 002), Lora Pope (Episode 003) & Kasia Writes (Episode 004) return to the Rudderless Ship to discuss what they did right, wrong and could have done differently

About The Guest(s):

Lora Pope

Travelling the world has changed her life. Through solo adventure travel, She’s gained confidence, new perspectives, growth, freedom, and joy. She truly believes that adventure travel can change lives, and she wants to help you discover the same joys from it that she has. Whether you want to maximize your paid time off, take a sabbatical from work, or leave it all behind for a life of adventure, she’s here to help. She’s done it all, and you can too.

Explore With Lora

Kimberly Erin Davis
Kimberly Erin Davis has always been a free spirit that walks her own way.
You will most likely find her hanging out in South, Central and North America slowly wandering from point to point, mountain to mountain and ocean to ocean. A slow traveller. Who likes to spend months in some locations enabling her to create relationships, feel, learn and become one with the culture. She tries to do what the locals do, she wants to see their country the way they see it.

Walkaboot Travel

Kasia Writes
Kasia is all about adventure, exploration and discovery with a focus on responsible travel. An exciting way about the world as well as self-reflection and personal freedom. A place for curious travellers, looking for new experiences, discovering new things and learning something new along the way.

Kasia Writes

Andy Vanr
Andy is always looking for the next vacation location for him and his wife to visit. They enjoy fun and active road trips and discovering exciting places along the way. On AvrexTravel, they enjoy sharing their authentic travels and providing their readers with some great one-week travel ideas.

Avrex Travel

Resources, Tips & Tricks

  • Joining various travel Facebook groups are a great place to ask questions even during crazy times.
  • Elite Status (Aeroplan) – Consider upgrading your points cards to an Elite package if possible.
  • Tickets can take time to process when using points. So booking last minute with points (without an “Elite” Status) might not be available when you’re ready to depart.
  • Always bring enough extra medication should you get stuck in a county longer than expected. 
  • Make emotion-free decisions – take your time to work through the decision. 
  • Air miles and similar points programs don’t always ticket right away. 
  • Ask questions or help from any travel Facebook groups that you might be a part of. 
  • In a lockdown situation if you can get out of any hostels and book an Airbnb with cooking facilities. 
  • Book your flights with a credit card that has specific flight disruption and cancellation. 
  • If you are unsure about the sudden change in a country call your insurance to make sure you still have coverage before you fly out. 
  • Always have a contingency plan. 
  • Know were to find your countries embassy

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