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004: Calm, Cool, Collected While Finding Catania Italy Flights

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 4) with Kasia Writes

By the time Kasia arrived in Catania, Italy for their TBEX Conference (Travel Bloggers Exchange) the Italian Prime Minister had already closed the borders leaving all the attendees scrambling to get home. Kasia also shares how keeping a cool head got her home safely, what it was like going through customs when arriving in Toronto and what it was like to be in quarantine for 14 days.

About The Guest

Kasia is all about adventure, exploration and discovery with a focus on responsible travel. An exciting way about the world as well as self-reflection and personal freedom. A place for curious travellers, looking for new experiences, discovering new things and learning something new along the way.

Kasia Writes

Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • If a crisis arises contact your credit card, find out your coverage in order to informed decisions.
  • Spending a bit more money on First Class might not only reward you with more comfort but given the current circumstances – First Class may have fewer people per car.
  • Sometimes First Class is not that much more than Regular Class
  • Amsterdam is a huge Stopover Hub
  • In challenging times try to stay calm and make rational decisions. Try not to make decisions when emotionally charged 

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