003: Scrambling To Find Catania Italy Flights Before The Border Closes

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 3) with Lora Pope & Alex Kallimanis

By the time Lora & Alex arrive in Catania, Italy for their TBEX Conference (Travel Bloggers Exchange) the Italian Prime Minister decided to close the borders leaving all the attendees scrambling to get home. Lora & Alex take us on a journey through several cancelled flights and different destinations as they try to inch their way back home.

About The Guest(s):

Lora Pope
Travelling the world has changed her life. Through solo adventure travel, She’s gained confidence, new perspectives, growth, freedom, and joy. She truly believes that adventure travel can change lives, and she wants to help you discover the same joys from it that she has. Whether you want to maximize your paid time off, take a sabbatical from work, or leave it all behind for a life of adventure, she’s here to help. She’s done it all, and you can too.

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Alex Kallimanis
Alex and his wife, Bell’s mission, is to arm you with great travel information, so you get the most from your trips. They also offer great travel hacks that can save you thousands of dollars on flights and hotels in a given year! They cover hidden gem destinations off the tourist trail, in addition to the world’s most popular places. Whether you’re new to travelling or a seasoned explorer, you’ll find useful information based on many years of living abroad and over 20 years of experience travelling around the world!

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Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • Joining various travel Facebook groups are a great place to ask questions even during crazy times.
  • Elite Status (Aeroplan) – Consider upgrading your points cards to an Elite package if possible.
  • Tickets can take time to process when using points. So booking last minute with points (without an “Elite” Status) might not be available when you’re ready to depart.

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