Azores Quarantine

002: Escaping The Azores Quarantine

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 2) with Andy Vanr

Andy shares his crazy story of trying to get back to Canada from a small, remote Island on Portugal’s Azores Islands as COVID-19 spread rapidly gets worse. From prop planes to ferry boats to rental cars and cancelled flights. How did Andy and his wife make it home?

About The Guest

Andy is always looking for the next vacation location for him and his wife to visit. They enjoy fun and active road trips and discovering exciting places along the way. On AvrexTravel, they enjoy sharing their authentic travels and providing their readers with some great one-week travel ideas. Website: Avrex Travel

Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • Home Trust – Credit Card with no foreign exchange fees
  • Get an advanced supply of your medication.
  • Pack N95 Masks (When travelling during a pandemic – hopefully not any time soon)
  • Listen to the locals.
  • Prepare for the worst that can happen.
  • It’s essential to think about your money, but it can trump your health and safety

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