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001: Finding Flights Out Of Peru Before The Border Closes

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 1) with Kimberly Erin Davis

Kimberly Erin Davis shares her crazy tail, trying to get flights out of Peru and back to Canada during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While getting home during the COVID-19 outbreak was already stressful, Peru was particularly challenging as one day everything was fine and by the next day, the government gave everyone 24 hours to leave the country before it closes its borders. This included Peruvian nationals trying to reenter their country and non-Peruvian people leaving the country.

Stories of COVID-19 in the hostels, martial law and eventual repatriation will ensue…

About The Guest

Kimberly Erin Davis has always been a free spirit that walks her own way.
You will most likely find her hanging out in South, Central and North America slowly wandering from point to point, mountain to mountain and ocean to ocean. A slow traveller who likes to spend months in some locations enabling her to create relationships, feel, learn and become one with the culture. She tries to do what the locals do, she wants to see their country the way they see it.

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