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What would you do if…

  • That taxi cab driver suddenly decides to take you way off the destination route.
  • That delicious paella you ate while in Madrid is starting to churn in your stomach.
  • That Airbnb rental with all the pretty pictures turns out to be the accommodation rental from hell.
  • You’re about to pay for that lovely souvenir when you realize your wallet and your passport are missing
  • That short cut you took has brought you down a sketchy alleyway and you are not alone
  • While on that guided ATV tour you crash, break your arm and need to be hospitalized

We all love a good horror story.
But anyone with a passport can tell you what a real scary story and that is where the Travel Horror Stories Podcasts begin.

The Dark Side Of Travel

When I talked to a bunch of travel bloggers about the idea behind the podcast at one of the biggest travel blogging conferences called TBEX, they immediately started sharing their Travel Horror Stories. Some were scary, some were shocking and some were even funny but at the end of the day we as Travel Content Creators, understand the dark side of travel.

However, when I talk to everyday people that dark side actually stops people from travelling.

The Bright Side Of Travel

I’ve seen breathtaking views. I’ve eaten amazing food. I’ve met so many amazing people that have fundamentally altered many aspects of the way that I live my life. Seeing the world is life-changing. But let’s be honest, not everything about travel is a perfect Instagram picture.

So how do I be honest about travel without creating a fear of travel?
I can do it with education – people always fear what they don’t understand.

The Solution

I’ve pulled together thousands of travel bloggers, travel bloggers, travel writers and travel influencers as well as professionals in the travel and tourism space. Together they share travel horror stories then discuss what they did right, what they did wrong and what they could have done differently.

We always say hindsight is 20/20, right?

The Travel Horror Stories podcast is a show that listens to real stories from travel bloggers and travellers just like you then unpack those stories to discuss safety tricks prevention treats horror hacks and follow-up tactics.

The goal is to turn travel nightmares into dreams of beaches sunshine and margaritas.

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