scooter accident

030: Surviving A Scooter Accident In Grenada

What would you do if…

while riding on the back of a scooter in Grenada? An SUV swerves into your lane and hits you head-on.

About The Guest

Nora has travelled full-time for 12 years and continues to travel half the year. She’s lived in and travelled through 60+ countries and counting. She is an expert on travel, personal finance (as a former CFP), and lifestyle design and has coined the term financially sustainable travel. It’s not about budget travel (though she’s done a bunch of that), nor is it about being environmentally sustainable (though she’s a big advocate of that too). It’s about making money successfully, spending money smartly, and managing it wisely – all in the arena of lifestyle travel. These three pillars form the foundation of her website.

The Professional Hobo

Resources, Tips & Tricks

  • Always have travel insurance
  • If you get hurt and are able to call your insurance, do so before heading to the hospital and they will tell you where to go
  • Keep the phone number, contact info, insurance name and policy number handy

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