airbnb theft

031: Surviving Airbnb Theft Of You Valuables

What would you do if…

while travelling you head out for the evening only to find upon returning to your Airbnb, you’ve been robbed.

About The Guest

Lora Pope
Travelling the world has changed her life. Through solo adventure travel, She’s gained confidence, new perspectives, growth, freedom, and joy. She truly believes that adventure travel can change lives, and she wants to help you discover the same joys from it that she has. Whether you want to maximize your paid time off, take a sabbatical from work, or leave it all behind for a life of adventure, she’s here to help. She’s done it all, and you can too.

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Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • It’s not only important to have health insurance but you. Should have insurance for your valuables as well
  • Never assume that just because a country or city is considered safe that you should let your guard down
  • Buy your plane tickets on your visa. If the airline can’t offer you a refund your credit card might. Choose a credit card that has specific flight perks.
  • Airbnb does not have coverage for the guests but Airbnb hosts do have coverage
  • Be careful who you choose to travel with. When things go wrong people will show their true colours and not everyone handles stress the same.