012: The Future Of Travel – Post Pandemic

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 12) with Dave Bouskill & Debra Corbeil – The Planet D)

In this episode, Christopher sits down with two of the top travel bloggers in the world to talk about the future of the travel and tourism industry post-COVID-19 and pre-vaccine. The husband and wife team, Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil from the award-winning travel blog The Planet D, have visited over 115 countries on all 7 continents, working with industry partners in the travel space and offer a unique perspective when it comes to the future of travel.

About The Guest(s)

Their mantra is: “Adventure is for Everyone”

Dave & Deb believe that you don’t have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or a part of the ultra-rich to be an adventurer! All you need is the desire to achieve something more. Dave and Deb are the founders of their award-winning travel blog The Planet D and have become experts in the travel space and named the Top Travel Influencers by Forbes Magazine.

Since 2007 they have visited over 115 countries on all 7 continents and have worked hard to become the leading source of detailed city guides, personal travel tips, inspiring stories and so much more.

The Planet D

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Dave & Deb’s Future Travel Predictions

  • Some airports are only allowing travellers in the airport.
  • The airport experiesnce will change. Airport will most likely implement machines that can detect if you have a fever when you pass through them.
  • Travel will be more expensive. 
  • Travel will get back to normal in 2021. People will accept living wth the virus (with or without a vaccine) 
  • Air Canada is looking to return to rgular scheduled flights by the end of the year
  • Airbnb’s booking have been going up. Airbnb allows you to self isolate much better. 
  • What will happen to hostels? Maybe the people  who don’t mind being in crowds at beaches and parks will be the ones who are ok with staying in hostels. 
  • Tours probably won’t change. They would implement COVID protocols
  • Food tours might struggle but outdoor nature tour will do well 

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