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011: Wellness Travel During The Pandemic

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 11) with Dr. Yvette McQueen

In this episode, Christopher chats wellness travel with Dr. Yvette McQueen, Emergency Physician & Travel Doctor. As a travel doctor, Yvette shares her knowledge and experience when travelling via plane and staying in accommodations for work, during this pandemic. They talk about what Airline companies are doing – and not doing to keep you safe.

About The Guest(s)

Yvette McQueen MD is a global physician on a mission to education about health, travel wellness and disease prevention.  She is an Emergency Medicine physician and Travel Doctor; working as a physician across the US and the Caribbean.  Dr. McQueen also serves as a travel group physician ensuring the healthy and safe travel of the clients before and during the international trip.  Dr. McQueen is a speaker, blogger, author, consultant, CPR and First Aid instructor; wilderness emergency care training and international teaching for the American Heart Association.   She has travelled to 30+ international countries for exploring; organizes medical missions to Africa, hospital training/teaching in Rwanda and Tanzania; and participates in international church missions. 

Yvette McQueen MD

Resources. Tips & Tricks:

  • Plan Ahead.  
  • Check your bags instead of using a carry-on as it will be fewer people touching it (security, other passengers etc)
  • Be sure to bring masks, sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer 
  • Mask must be worn at all times. Flight attendants can cite you for not wearing your mask and can ban you from the airline for a year
  • Try to board first of board last so you are not waiting in any lines or in the aisle waiting for people to put away their bags
  • Wipe down the seats, seat rests, the buckle, the monitor,  the tray table and the window shade 
  • Sit next to the wind so people are not breathing on you as they walk up and down the aisle.
  • Airlines now cleaning and wiping down the planes instead of just taking out the trash 
  • Airlines are no longer serving open drink service. Bottled water is provided.
  • FYI. Face shields do not work without a mask
  • Hotels are using contactless check-in so download the hotel’s app. 
  • re: Airbnb talk to the host to find out when the last guest was there. 
  • When travelling internationally check the country and their rules and if they are allowing you in with your passport. Also, check what you might need – so countries are requiring that you have a COVID-19 Negative test within 72 hours of landing in their country. If there is a testing problem where you live you might not get your results back within 72 hours. 
  • Some countries are requiring you to take a COVID-19 test on sight and asking you to quartine for 14 days. A lot of countries are doing mandatory quarantine and in some cases putting an ankle bracelet on you.  They may track your phone. If not following the rules you can face fines or be banned from their country.  
  • Most insurance companies have excluded the pandemic for coverage

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