surviving dengue fever

025: Surviving Dengue Fever

What would you do if…

While travelling abroad you suddenly find yourself fighting off one of the four strains of Dengue Fever.

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Nora has travelled full-time for 12 years and continues to travel half the year. She’s lived in and travelled through 60+ countries and counting. She is an expert on travel, personal finance (as a former CFP), and lifestyle design and has coined the term financially sustainable travel. It’s not about budget travel (though she’s done a bunch of that), nor is it about being environmentally sustainable (though she’s a big advocate of that too). It’s about making money successfully, spending money smartly, and managing it wisely – all in the arena of lifestyle travel. These three pillars form the foundation of her website.

The Professional Hobo

Resources. Tips & Tricks:

  • There is no cure or vaccine for Dengue fever.
  • Known as the Bone Breaking Disease because in the latter days of the fever you feel as though your bones are being broken.
  • You will also break out into a full-body rash
  • If you find yourself sick – before heading to the ER, try the pharmacy


  • Read your policy – know what your policy is going to cover
  • Before you make a claim call your insurance
  • Keep records of everything. Make notes (dates you called the insurance, who you spoke with, what you spoke about etc. Keep records/copies of all your receipts.
  • Before sending in your original receipts, make a copy of everything.    
  • Speak to someone higher when they are making mistake and refusing to adjust them

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