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positive test results

007: Receiving Positive Test Results For COVID-19 After Travelling

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 7) with Matt Kepnes
In this episode, I sit down with Matt Kepnes from the travel blog Nomadic Matt and author of the New York Times Best Seller ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’ who receive positive test results for COVID-19. Matt takes us through what it was like finding testing and the feeling of having some of the COVID-19 symptoms. He also shares his unique experience of having his plasma used to help strengthen others’ immune systems trying to recover from COVID-19.

how to get a flight refund

006: How To Get A Flight Refund During & Post Pandemic

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 6) with Danielle Desir
Danielle and Christopher talk about money and travel amidst a global pandemic but most importantly how to get a flight refund. As we heard from the past five episodes flights were getting cancelled left, right and centre as travellers struggled to get home. Various accommodations, conferences, events and insurance companies were also cancelling, postponing and cancelling coverage as cities shut down. Some airlines offered refunds, some offered vouchers while others offered nothing. This episode will talk about getting money back and saving money for emergencies.

005: Getting Home During COVID-19 (Round Table)

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 5) with Kasia Writes, Lora Pope, Kimberly Erin Davis & Andy Vanr

In this special round table episode, Christopher Rudder brings together four previous guests to further discuss the trials and tribulations of trying to get home during a pandemic.
Kimberly Erin Davies ( Episode 001), Andy Vanr (Episode 002), Lora Pope (Episode 003) & Kasia Writes (Episode 004) return to the Rudderless Ship to discuss what they did right, wrong and could have done differently

catania italy flights

004: Calm, Cool, Collected While Finding Catania Italy Flights

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 4) with Kasia Writes

By the time Kasia arrived in Catania, Italy for their TBEX Conference (Travel Bloggers Exchange) the Italian Prime Minister had already closed the borders leaving all the attendees scrambling to get home. Kasia also shares how keeping a cool head got her home safely, what it was like going through customs when arriving in Toronto and what it was like to be in quarantine for 14 days.


003: Scrambling To Find Catania Italy Flights Before The Border Closes

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 3) with Lora Pope & Alex Kallimanis

By the time Lora & Alex arrive in Catania, Italy for their TBEX Conference (Travel Bloggers Exchange) the Italian Prime Minister decided to close the borders leaving all the attendees scrambling to get home. Lora & Alex take us on a journey through several cancelled flights and different destinations as they try to inch their way back home.

flights out of peru

001: Finding Flights Out Of Peru Before The Border Closes

The Corona Virus Chronicles (Week 1) with Kimberly Erin Davis

Kimberly Erin Davis shares her crazy tail, trying to get flights out of Peru and back to Canada during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While getting home during the COVID-19 outbreak was already stressful, Peru was particularly challenging as one day everything was fine and by the next day, the government gave everyone 24 hours to leave the country before it closes its borders. This included Peruvian nationals trying to reenter their country and non-Peruvian people leaving the country.

Stories of COVID-19 in the hostels, martial law and eventual repatriation will ensue…